We bought Nikki (Avonmill Brook) from Avonmill about 10 years ago. I had been looking for an all round PC horse and almost over-looked Nikki as she was only rising 5 and I was a relatively inexperienced 14 year old.  We had a great trial at Avonmill and found Jo and everyone at the yard so accommodating and before we knew it Nikki was on her way to Orkney to live with us.

Nikki was mature beyond her years and a very talented young horse and the pair of us progressed together steadily to PC open level. I have no doubt she was a mare who could’ve gone much further in a more competitive home.  Nikki was always a pleasure to ride and handle and in the 3 to 4 seasons I had her she looked after me so well and I don’t think I ever took a tumble from her.  She was so easy to just load into the box and go and have some fun! Nikki was a firm favourite with people in Orkney and I still hear people talking about wanting to find their child ‘a Nikki’. 

When I moved to Stirling University I took Nikki with me and she stayed at livery at Avonmill. Jo and her family were fantastic. Not just in caring for Nikki to a very high standard but looking out for me and supporting me in my transition of moving away from home which I had found difficult. A willingness to go the extra mile at Avonmill, their high standards and a fantastic eye for quality horses means I have no hesitation in recommending Jo and Andy at Avonmill Equestrian. When my lifestyle affords it, I know where I will be going for my next horse. Keep up the good work.


Clare Wallace, Orkney

I first fell in love with horses watching Marion Coakes and Stroller in the 1968 Olympics – that will give you some  idea of my age!    Since then it was always my dream to have my own horse but school, university, career and family always came first.  Finally, last year, I decided that if I didn’t take the plunge and start looking for my own horse, then I never would  and so the search began.  By sheer good fortune  I came upon the  Avonmill Equestrian website and now, after months of advice, support and friendship from Joanne and her lovely family, I finally have a beautiful horse of my own.    She has only been with me less than 72 hours, brought over to her new home by Joanne and Andy, but everyone on the yard comments on how lovely she is and I am so looking forward to getting to know her and working with her.  Already we’ve had a short session of Parelli techniques and it was wonderful to see Ciara respond so positively.

Joanne knew just what  I needed all along and sensibly guided me towards the kind of horse which would not prove too much for me, given both my age and lack of experience.  Where others may have tried to sell me any horse,  Joanne would never have done this and kept searching until she found just the right one for me.

I will never reach the giddy heights of Badminton or Blair, but I am sure I will have many years of happiness with Ciara and am so glad I contacted Joanne when I did.  She made a very nerve wracking process fun and enjoyable and I hope to be in touch with her with updates of our progress for a long time to come.

Joyce Paterson, St Andrews

A huge thank you to Jo & Andy Fairbrother at Avonmill Equestrian.    I had spent a couple of months trying to sell my horse from home as I am expecting a baby very soon. I had a good chat about exactly what my horse was like over the phone & we discussed the type of person that would suit him & vice versa. I delivered him to their yard on the Friday afternoon & by the following Monday they had 3 viewings lined up and sold him to the first viewer.

Avonmill Equestrian take great care to match suitable horses & riders and rarely have to advertise beyond their own website/Facebook page. They are super at keeping owners informed & costs down. Meanwhile every horse in their care benefits from Andy's superb riding so that they can be shown going to the best of their abilities. A big, big thank you from us :)

Joss Midgley, Stranraer

I approached Joanne to sell my pony club horse in February, as my daughter had gone to University and Casper was ready for a new home. Joanne couldn't have been more helpful and attentive to sell Casper. Through the beauties of Facebook she created great interest in him. She works hard to match the right horse with the right owner and she provided fairness and honesty to both parties.

Lynne Lowrie, East Lothian

I just thought I'd write and say thank you so much for finding such a wonderful home for Bee.  When I took the decision to sell I knew, having seen the level of quality horses that you typically have, that it was the right place for her to come. Although it was very hard to part with her, the way you handled everything made it all much easier to bear. I've already seen some photos of her out and about having fun with her new owners which, although hard in some respects, confirms that I made the right decision to place her with you to sell for me. Thanks for all that you, Jane and Andy did.

Delia Thorley, Penicuik

When buying a horse from Avonmill Equestrian our experience was second to none. Not only where their horses top class but both Joanne and Andy could not have been more friendly. We have not only gained a horse, we have gained friends and a yard that will most definitely be the place I will go to for my next companion in the foreseeable future.

Gillian Campbell, Denny

I just wanted to send you a quick wee email to let you know that Millie has arrived safely on Mull :-) She travelled like an absolute star over on the noisy ferry and unloaded calmly on the other side! From the first time I phoned up about her, to viewing her and her arriving via James bringing her up to Oban (and in fact beyond too - with the notes on her routine, feet, teeth and feeding etc!) you have made this process a really positive one for me, so thank you very much.

Hope you are well, and I look forward to keeping in touch with you.

Camrie MacLean, Isle of Mull

Just got my lovely new horse Clare from Joanne at Avonmill. Collected her yesterday and took her xc schooling today, no time like the present I say!  She was just super and I am so excited for out future together. The team at Avonmill have been so lovely and helpful and I hope I can do Clare justice and continue to build on the great start she has had :)

Ria Stewart, Aberdeen

Mirrie our 3yo Connemara x TB mare  travelled well and went straight into her stable happily.   She showed off her super paces in the field the next morning with her new best friend!

We will keep in touch and thank you for such a positive sale.

Update — Just thought you might like an update.  She is so well behaved, everything we teach her, she remembers and the next time I see her, she just does it automatically.  She always comes across the field to meet me, she knows pockets now contain treats!   I will keep you posted of her progress and adventures.

Joanne Horsley, Durham

We are made up with Aoife and she takes everything in her stride — apart from eating polos.   She has a massive appetite but will spit a polo straight out!   We have entered her at a major County show and are excited to have a new face to bring out under saddle with her super movement.  We will keep you updated with pics!

Leah Morton, Cheshire

I wanted to add to the testimonials about Avonmill Equestrian as have found them to be outstanding over the years.

I bought our gorgeous Dudley at 4 years old from them a number of years ago. Jo made the whole process so easy even meeting us in a lay by to make sure we didn't get lost.

Dudley was with us for 11 years before we sadly lost him and during that time gave a huge amount of pleasure to our family. He was a dream horse - handsome, sassy and a true champion!!! He excelled in a number of disciplines winning several supreme championships in the show ring, numerous dressage classes as well as a number of show jumping competitions.

Avonmill Equestrian have supported us over the years, keeping in touch and offering excellent advice. Their service is second to none.
I would not look past Avonmill when looking for my next horse or ponies for the boys! I hope to be a customer again very soon and am looking forward to meeting my new Avonmill superstar.

Pauline Walker, East Calder

We took Dessie to his first PC rally today and he was great!   He did leg yielding which he is coming along great at, and jumped 95cms-1m without putting a foot wrong.   We have xc training soon and more rallies.   Hope you and Andy are well and finding other people their ideal horse.

Update — Clear at our first xc.   Once again thank you for providing such a well-matched horse.

Further Update—Most improved pair at PC and our first BE event is entered.

Duncan McLaren, Stirling

It takes a serious talent to be able to get two testimonials about the one horse but serious talent is a tame description of Joanne and Avonmill Equestrian. I cannot begin to describe how utterly wonderful Joanne has been in helping with the sale of my homebred three year old. Having seen him in the flesh on one of her buying trips to Ireland Joanne did what she does best and put me in contact with a friend of hers, Kirsty Squires. Kirsty promptly fell in love and so began the adventure of watching the first ever horse I bred fly the nest. A great support throughout the sale process, Joanne guided me, assisted with transport, sent hugs via phone when I was a bit emotional about it all and gave Beau a night's B&B at her home place on his way to Inverness. There was constant travel updates throughout the trip and a full update on his arrival at Avonmill despite it being very late at night. When reading the pages of testimonials here it is clear to see Joanne & her team are excellent matchmakers of horses & humans...however they don't tell you how well she matchmakes friends and I can categorically tell you not only did she help me sell a horse...she has given me a friend for life in Kirsty! It is testament to Joanne's unique service that Kirsty has decided to register Beau as AJ's Amaretto; A for Amy & J for Joanne.  It is an honour to have bred a horse that can be considered an Avonmill graduate.
Thank you.

Amy Lynott, County Waterford

I just wanted to say how wonderful you have all been.  Joanne found me my handsome new boy Beau who was bred by her good friend in Ireland.   Joanne has been so amazing, I couldn't have asked for a more supportive person throughout the whole experience. She would not except a penny of commission from me which is unheard of in the world of buying and selling horses, she organised the transport from Ireland for me and she put my boy up for a night B&B, treating him like one of her own.  She kept me informed every step of the journey from Ireland to hers.  She has been an absolute rock for me from start to finish, a truly amazing person. Because Joanne and Amy, his breeder, have been so spectacular throughout this very stressful time I have named him AJ’s Amaretto after them.  A huge big thank you to you all at Avonmill.

Kirsty Squires, Inverness